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Standing on a Treasure

Need more living space? You’re standing on the answer! A basement remodel dramatically improves your home by taking underused square footage you already own and transforming it into something fresh, new, and most important, livable.

Frey Construction - Basement Portfolio

Creating a vision

Finishing or remodeling a basement takes vision. That’s where we come in. We’ve been bringing basements in the Madison area to life for more than two decades. From cocktail areas to workout rooms to play grooms, guest rooms, and saunas, there is so much you can do with a basement and a vision. Turn that drab space into something you can really use and enjoy. Browse our online photo gallery for inspiration.

From cave to cozy

Our no-obligation initial design consultations, in-house designers, design process and competitive pricing mean you can work with the best of the best to turn even the most cavernous, primitive, or drab basement space into something you’ll love. In no time at all, your basement remodel will be complete, and you may never want to come back upstairs!

Backed by an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, over 25 years of service, and a 15-year workmanship warranty, we can help you expand your livable space with quick and painless basement remodeling. Request your no-obligation consultation today!

Did you know?

Basement Remodeling Reedsburg WI

  • Professionally finishing a basement dramatically increases your home equity and salability.
  • Recent stats from Remodel magazine show that a full basement remodel typically gives sellers a 70% return on their investment.
  • A basement remodel gives you the extra space of a room addition without requiring excavation or worries about structural loads.