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Frey Construction Offers Dependable Hail Damage Repair Services for Middleton, WI, Homeowners

Hail Damage Repair Middleton WI

If your home in the Middleton, Wisconsin, area has recently sustained damage in a hail storm, Frey Construction is the company to call for hail damage repair services. Since 1995, we’ve served residents of southern Wisconsin, providing top-notch home improvements and friendly customer care. Not only is our team qualified to perform a professional inspection to determine the extent of the damage, but as a full-service home contractor, we can also complete any repairs needed to restore your home to pre-loss condition, and may even be able to assist you in dealing with your insurance company.

Understanding Hail Damage

Not surprisingly, the area of your home that is most vulnerable to hail damage is your roof. Moreover, because of common storm paths, Southern-facing sections of your roof are even more prone to being damaged. Regardless of whether your roof is old or new, hail can compromise its structural integrity, putting your home at risk of air and water infiltration. If not addressed promptly, this can result in mold growth in your attic or more severe structural damage to your rafters and joists. Hail can also cause damage to your:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Siding
  • Gutters

If you believe your home has sustained hail damage, it’s best to have a professional damage repair expert perform a formal inspection. While some damage may be readily visible, other damage can be easily overlooked and may not present itself until it causes larger structural issues.

Committed to Quality Customer Care

The team at Frey Construction has a long history of serving residents of southern Wisconsin. We’ve helped countless families get their homes back into good working order by helping them through the entire hail damage repair process – from the initial inspection to completing repairs, and even assisting them in dealing with their insurance companies.

If you live in the Middleton area and would like to learn more about our hail damage repair services, please contact Frey Construction today.