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Premium Gutter Guards Offered in Sun Prairie, WI & Surrounding Cities

Gutter Guards Sun Prairie WITo help ensure gutters perform at maximum efficiency in the long run, gutter guards are indeed smart investments for homes in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, and nearby cities. Why, you may ask? Considering that gutter systems are such a small component, you may wonder how they can help keep an entire home protected. Well, effective gutters will do a great job at handling water that could otherwise build up and splash onto the roofing system. Also, when water is not properly channeled away from a home, it could build up in pools of water that can overtime apply pressure to basement walls and do damage to the foundation. So, when you see the benefits that gutter guards have in making sure everything is running as smoothly as it should, then partner with the company that you can count on to provide the best selection of gutter covers – Frey Construction.

With our Leafproof® gutter guards, twigs, leaves, and seedpods won’t get the chance to clog up gutter systems, as our covers allow water to run through them and stop everything else. This also means that gone are the days that you have to climb atop a ladder to clean your gutters manually. In addition to cutting down on home maintenance chores, our gutter guards have the added benefits of being:

  • Able to manage as much as 11 inches of rain per hour – the highest recorded rainfall in America
  • Composed of strong and long-lasting .024-gauge aluminum, a great material for weather we experience throughout the year in Sun Prairie, WI
  • Fixed to the gutters, as opposed to nailed or screwed onto the actual roof like other systems

If you’re interested in learning more about all the ways that you can benefit with having one of our gutter guards installed on your home in Sun Prairie, WI, or a surrounding area, contact Frey Construction today.