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What Is A Good U-Value for Windows?

Good U-Value for Windows Spring Green WI

The U-value — also sometimes referred to as the U-factor — is a measure of the rate of heat transfer through a window, door, wall, or other material. In the home improvement world, the U-value is typically used to rate the energy efficiency of replacement windows and doors. While the science of convection itself can get rather complicated, all you really need to know is that low U-value replacement windows are better because less heat is able to pass through them. So, on a hot summer day, as you sit in your air-conditioned living room, your windows will prevent that warm air from getting inside. Likewise, on a frigid January evening, as you sit snugly on the sofa, your windows will prevent that warm, toasty air from escaping.

What counts as a “good” U-value for windows will to some extent depend on the climate that you live in. For example, in colder regions of the country, like Wisconsin, a good U-value for your windows might be somewhere around 0.27 or 0.29. In a central climate zone, your U-value can be a bit higher and still provide ample protection against unwanted heat transfer. In warmer southern climates, where most of a home’s energy usage is for air conditioning, a U-value as high as 0.40 is still considered to be energy efficient.

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For more information about the energy-efficient replacement windows we install for Spring Green-area homeowners, or to learn about what a good U-value for your replacement windows would be, contact Frey Construction today. We look forward to serving you!