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Can You Replace a Kitchen Floor without Removing Cabinets?

Can You Replace A Kitchen Floor Without Removing Cabinets? Black Earth WI

The answer to this question largely depends on what type of kitchen floor you currently have as well as what type of flooring you wish to install. If you want to install linoleum or wood laminate flooring (also known as a “floating floor”) this can typically be done without removing cabinets; just get as close as you can to the cabinets using whole panels and then cut the linoleum or laminate pieces as needed so that they abut neatly against the cabinet base. This approach could also work if you were installing porcelain or ceramic tile in your kitchen, however, cutting tile is a more complex process than cutting linoleum and requires a special tool called a wet saw.

Also, tile is usually a good amount thicker than linoleum or wood laminate flooring, and if you simply install it on top of your existing kitchen floor without removing the cabinets, the resulting countertop height may be noticeably lower than before. Similarly, if you were to remove a thick tile floor from the majority of the kitchen but left the tile underneath your cabinets, you might find that your countertops are too high. In most cases (and many would argue, in order to do the job the right way) you should remove the cabinets when installing a new floor in your kitchen. Even if the difference in counter height is not something you are concerned with, there is still a question of appearance. And, while removing your kitchen cabinets is not absolutely necessary to achieve a neat, discrete lip between your new flooring and cabinet base (you can install strip molding or a “toe kick” to hide the disparity) if you can remove them, doing so will probably lead to a better, higher quality end result.

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