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Is Quartz or Granite Better for Countertops?Is Quartz or Granite Better for Countertops? Poynette WI

The debate over quartz or granite countertops goes back eons. Okay, not eons, maybe only since the 1960s. But the materials in question, the granite and quartz used to make most kitchen countertops, actually do go back eons, which might not tell us which material is better but is an impressive fact nonetheless. At the end of the day, choosing granite over quartz, or vice versa, is largely a matter of personal preference. But, if you’re on the fence about which material to use for your kitchen countertops, the following list of pros and cons may help you make up your mind.

Granite pros

  • Every slab of granite is 100 percent unique, as this stone is mined in single, large slabs
  • When properly sealed, granite countertops are stain-resistant and won’t soak up liquids
  • Granite can be used in outdoor cooking areas as it won’t weather or fade due to sun exposure

Granite cons

  • Granite naturally has a lot of variation in color, tone, and texture, which may come across as “busy” in modern kitchens with monotone color schemes
  • While they are tough and long-lasting, in rare instances, granite countertops can crack or chip
  • If not properly sealed, granite countertops can absorb oil and wine, and even house bacteria

Quartz pros

  • Quartz countertops do not need to be sealed and will naturally resist stains from oil and wine
  • As quartz countertops are manmade, so they can be manufactured in just about any color you desire
  • Quartz is stronger and more resistant to chipping and cracking than granite

Quartz cons

  • Other than some rare, exotic granites, quartz countertops are typically more expensive
  • Some people feel that quartz looks less natural because of its uniformity in design and color
  • Because it is made with resins, quartz countertops are not as heat-resistant as granite

Ultimately, granite and quartz are both wonderful materials for kitchen countertops. Each offers benefits that may appeal to some people and drawbacks that may turn others off, but in the end, which one is better is going to depend largely on your own tastes, requirements, and budget.

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