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How to Spruce Up Your Sun Prairie, WI, Bathroom without a RemodelBathroom Remodel Sun Prairie WI

We all wish we could close our eyes and snap our fingers and poof!—our dream bathroom will appear. But it’s not that simple. A bathroom remodel takes time, money, planning, and above all, patience, as bathrooms that are under construction can be out of commission for weeks at a time. If you’re ready to breathe some new life into a bathroom in your Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, home, but you’re not quite ready for a full remodel, these Quick & Painless tips from Frey Construction can help you shake things up.

Install a Pedestal Sink

Swapping out your bulky wooden vanity for a sleek pedestal sink is a surefire way to give your bathroom a touch of elegance. A mainstay of American bathrooms for decades, pedestal sinks slowly fell out of favor in the 20th century as alternative materials such as acrylic became more prevalent and design aesthetics evolved. But, like a porcelain phoenix, rising from the ashes, the pedestal sink has made a full comeback and is the perfect choice for a classy bathroom centerpiece.

Update the Tile

There once was a time, many years ago, when turquoise, mauve, mint green, and other garish colors were considered acceptable for bathroom décor. Evidence of these aesthetic abominations can still be found in homes throughout the country, and if you’re lucky enough to be in possession of one, we’re here to let you in on a little secret — tile is NOT permanent. While it does take some skill and know-how (and a whole lot of YouTube videos) retiling your bathroom, or even just sections of it, is not impossible to do yourself and can make a world of difference.

Turn Up the Fun

Just because bathrooms are primarily utilitarian spaces, it doesn’t mean they can’t also be fun. Instead of a remodel, just give your bathroom a décor makeover—install an interesting overhead light fixture, like a pendant or small chandelier, and hang long, frilly curtains to balance it out. Or, find a wallpaper with a quirky pattern and break it up with some framed prints or other cool wall art.

And remember, when you are ready to give your Sun Prairie bathroom a proper remodel, Frey Construction is the company to trust for top-tier products, expert installation, and stellar customer care.