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Vinyl Siding Replacement with Siding Master™ Rain Screen System

Vinyl Siding Replacement project in Madison, WI
We recently completed a roofing, siding and gutter project for Tim and Stephanie Gleiter of Middleton. This wasn’t just a typical project, but one that involved very careful product selections after the Gleiter home received hail damage from a hail storm that hit the Middleton area in April of last year.
The most exciting feature of the Gleiter project was the installation of our Siding Master™ rain screen system. What is a rain screen? (We’re glad you asked!) Rain screens create a gap between the exterior sheathing and cladding, which allows air to circulate, removes condensation, and keeps water away from the exterior walls to prevent mold and leaks.
Siding Master™ is steel furring strips, with a hollow back construction that allows for maximum drainage, providing a ¼” gap needed to form a capillary break. This size gap allows proper venting and dries a wall out faster. Siding Master™ prevents heat gain to the walls keeping your home much cooler in the summer.
The Siding-Master™ System is a breakthrough in vinyl siding installation technology that eliminates the problems associated with aligning, nailing, and stapling vinyl siding. Rather than nailing or stapling siding directly to the exterior walls, Siding-Master™ is installed on the walls and holds the vinyl siding in place. This allows for a fast and straight installation, with each panel of siding in place.
Rain screens also shed most rain and manage the rest, preventing moisture intrusion and the resulting decay in the wall of your home. Rain screens tackle the source – the forces that drive water into the building shell, namely wind-driven rain and condensation. Rain screens effectively keep the moisture away from the home’s exterior wall and insulation. Siding Master™ is guaranteed for 50 years. Another reason for Siding Master™ is to reduce the heat on the vinyl siding and the chances of your siding fading by making a thermally convecting air space. This air space will constantly be moving air to keep the wall dry. It also will reduce heat gain by venting out the warm moist air. Thus keeping the siding cooler to reduce the fade that occurs with dark vinyl siding.
After the Siding Master™ was installed, we went to work installing Variform Vortex siding on the Gleiter home. Our crews also replaced the shingles with GAF Timberline Lifetime shingles, replaced the gutters with our seamless gutters and also installed Leafproof gutter protection. The finished project…it looks like a entirely new home!
Tim and Stephanie, it has been a great pleasure working with you and we hope to work with you again on future projects! Welcome to our Remodeling Family!
Our Siding-Master™ System creates a rain screen, which is a gap between the exterior sheathing and cladding that allows air to circulate, removes condensation, and keeps water away from the exterior walls to prevent mold or leaks
Client Testimonial:
“Mark Alexander took the time to explain the process that would be used to work with our insurance company and how Frey Construction would stand behind their work and products. All of the crews did a good job, they were always more than willing to answer our questions and address our concerns. Overall, we are happy with the results and have already received compliments on how nice the house looks and feel Frey Construction will respond swiftly to address any future problems or concerns related to this project.”
-Tim and Stephanie Gleiter, Middleton, WI