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Bathroom Remodel | Sue Shaw

A bathroom remodel had been a dream for Sue Shaw for quite some time, but it wasn’t until the discovery of an unfortunate leak from the outdated claw foot tub that forced her to spring into action. Besides the immediate need to replace the plumbing fixtures with ones that worked properly and more efficiently, Sue was most excited for a fresh and modern look!

Through careful planning of space, function, structure and style, we were able to transform this worn out and uncomfortable space into a place of retreat. By stealing 13” from the neighboring bedroom, we were able to provide all the necessary space for a properly planned bathroom. With some creative planning and careful product selection, we were able to provide a custom walk-in shower, larger vanity AND some open shelves for additional storage.

Superior craftsmanship was used in many forms in this project. Custom made cabinetry allowed us to make the most of the space. We designed a reduced depth vanity (only 18” deep, instead of the standard 21” deep) which allowed us to extend the width all the way to the door, providing lots of storage. Soft-close drawers were used as a bonus feature. We were even able to design a replicate of a unique medicine cabinet that Sue had seen in a magazine – for half of the cost!

Enhancing the aesthetics of this bathroom was as important to Sue as enhancing the function. We were able to do this by using a combination of materials that added different textures and colors. All together the mix of tile, stone, glass, metal, ceramic and wood, greatly enhanced the visual interest of the space. From what once was merely a utilitarian space is now a place of relaxation and repose.

Sue was so happy with how our design process worked for her bathroom that she decided to work with us on her kitchen remodel at the same time.

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