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100% Recycle Roofing Projects – We’re all over it!

Did you know Frey Construction does 100% recycled roofing projects!  The average roof tear off produces 58 tons of debris – and Frey makes sure that NOTHING is sent to a landfill.  All the asphalt shingles, felt paper, scraps and plastic wrappers from teh new shingles are 100% recycled.  The old shingles are then reground and used for road paving, another industry partially dependent on oil.

Frey Construction is proud to be one of the first to make the commitment to being as green as we can be!  We’ve been recycling our materials for years now…way ahead of many other companies in the area. 

To learn more ways that Frey Construction commits to Energy Efficiency, please contact us at 608.643.7914 or visit our website: