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Kitchen Remodel | Dave and Deb Busch

Kitchen Remodel, Before
Kitchen Remodel, After

 Dave and Deb Busch came to Frey Construction for their kitchen remodel project because they had seen us around the area.  

Upon the original meeting with Scott and Jenn, Dave and Deb knew that they wanted to update their kitchen, but they were unsure of how big of a project they wanted it to be. They were sure of one thing – to get rid of the wall between their kitchen and living room! Other than that, they weren’t quite sure if they wanted all new cabinets or if there was a way to freshen up the existing ones. They were also hoping to add an island to the newly open space.  

We tossed around different ideas, such as painting the cabinets or adding crown molding, but in the end, we added a tall pantry and crown molding to their existing cabinets –stained to match perfectly! We also got their microwave up off the counter by bumping up the cabinets over their range. Cabinetry Plus helped us create a custom island that allowed for seating on both sides. New solid surface countertops and wood flooring…. But the real eye catcher that enhances the whole kitchen is the newly added backsplash!!  

Since we didn’t do a “complete” kitchen remodel, this puts a whole new spin on “quick and painless home improvements”, but the end result is the same, a BEAUTIFUL new kitchen! The Busch kitchen remodel is the perfect example of how easy it is to remodel with Frey Construction. With our design agreements, we break everything out in an a la carte fashion, so you are able to pick and choose the features that fit into your budget. Our clients can be as involved (or not involved) as they wish to be.    

Congratulations Dave and Deb – your kitchen turned out awesome!! Thank you for choosing Frey Construction! Welcome to our remodeling family!     

Kitchen Remodel, Before

Kitchen Remodel - After


One thought on “Kitchen Remodel | Dave and Deb Busch

  1. That is a true: when you want to create an ideal kitchen, you have to think about three basic kitchen functions: preparation, storage and clean-up. It seems to me, you have remembered for all of this… Especially I like the kitchen island: you can get a maximum efficiency of the kitchen space with an elegant style. Apart of all new design of the kitchen adds a higher reseal value to your home…
    Nice job! Julie

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