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Seamless Gutters Offer a Number of Benefits for Your Home in the Portage, WI, Area

Seamless Gutters Portage, New System, Rain | Frey While gutters may be a small part of any home, they play a huge role in keeping it protected. When gutter systems work efficiently, it means that water will be properly channeled away from a home. This prevents water from potentially splashing up onto the soffit and fascia, as well as carving depressions into the soil where water can gather and apply pressure to basement walls over time. If you want only the best when it comes to your home, then turn to Frey Construction. We provide seamless gutters unlike any other available in Portage, Wisconsin, and nearby cities.

These gutters eliminate the seams that can be the part of gutter construction where dirt and moisture can accumulate. Here are some other features of our seamless gutters:

  • They are a product of Frey’s own invention, as we saw it necessary to create unique products that cater to the needs of area homeowners.
  • They have a raised back edge of 1.25” that helps protect the soffit, fascia, and roofing systems.
  • Compared with standard gutters offered by competitors, our systems hold 40 percent more water.

In addition to our proprietary gutters, we also install Leafproof® gutter protection systems to ensure that you get the most out of your gutters. Gone are the days that you have to take the risk of climbing a ladder to unclog your gutters because our Leafproof® systems will keep out debris like seedpods, branches, pine needles that can stop or slow the flow of water.

Let the representatives at Frey Construction answer any questions you have about the seamless gutters and gutter protection systems we install throughout Portage, WI, and nearby cities. Contact us today for more information.