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Ice Dams May Be Forming on Your House!

Frey Construction knows that Wisconsin winter weather brings the threat of ice dams forming on your roof. The chance for ice dams to form is especially high when snowfalls are followed by extremely cold weather. The frigid temperatures freeze melting snow before it has a chance to escape through gutters and downspouts. As we get deeper into winter, snow compacts and adds more weight to you dam prevention

Next time you’re outside, look at your roof. Is your roof like most in your neighborhood and still heavy with snow that fell in late December? Chances are you won’t be able see the whole story of what’s happening on your roof from the driveway. For that matter, why would you want to diagnose the health of your roof on your own? If you’re unsure what that extra snow is doing to your roof, please contact us at Frey Construction to assess the situation and come up with a plan.

What Causes Ice Dams?

Ice dams form when the upper area of a roof is warm enough to melt snow and the eave line is cold enough to freeze the runoff into icicles. Poor insulation can often cause a roof to be warm by allowing air from inside the house to seep into the attic and heat up the roof.

ice dam preventionPrevent Ice Dams

Before more snow has a chance to fall on your roof, you may want to hire a professional to remove existing snow at the edges. Removing the outside 4-6 feet of snow from the edge of your roof can greatly reduce the chance of ice dams forming.

However, if we get another large snowfall, you may want to consider joining the smart Wisconsin home owners and hire Frey Construction to remove ALL of the snow from your roof.

Backed by an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and nearly 20 years of service, we will help you keep your roof in ship-shape through even the toughest Wisconsin winters. Request your no-obligation consultation today!

Learn More About Ice Dams

Watch this short video to see the effects of snow and ice dams on your roof.