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How to Make Your Bathroom Look More Spacious without a Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel Fitchburg WI

While small bathrooms can sometimes feel cozy, with everything you need within arm’s reach, other times they can feel extremely cramped and claustrophobic. Given how much the average person uses the bathroom these days, having ample space to go about one’s business is very important. If the bathroom in your Fitchburg, Wisconsin, home has been feeling a little snug lately, but you’re not quite ready for a bathroom remodel, the following tips can help you make your small bathroom feel more spacious.

Use Light Colored Paints

If you want to create the illusion of more space, calm colors are your best friend. Pastels, neutrals, whites, off-whites — the lighter the better. If you’re a fan of bolder, more vibrant tones, consider adding these splashes of color via hand-towels, bathmats, and other accessories. But as far as the floor, walls, and ceiling go, always remember: lighter equals larger.

Size Matters

Many experts agree that too many grout lines can look busy and visually cluttered. Instead, opt for larger tiles in more of a neutral color that will fall away and blend effortlessly in with the rest of the room.

Go Frameless

Frames are borders, and borders make us feel like we’re hemmed in. So, when it comes to larger glass pieces—like your mirror or shower enclosure doors—opting for a frameless model can expand your sightline and add a much-needed sense of openness to your room’s flow.

Get Rid of Clutter

Pare down countertop accessories—toothbrush holders, soap dishes, decorative items—unless it absolutely needs to be out and accessible, get rid of it or tuck it away in a drawer somewhere. If you have multiple hand towels hanging, reduce it to a single towel.

Downsize Your Sink

Even if you’re not doing a full bathroom remodel, if you have a large, bulky vanity, swapping it out for a sleek pedestal sink can be a huge space saver. Also, showing more of the floor and wall behind the sink will add a spacious, open feel.

To learn more about making your small bathroom look and feel more spacious, or to partner with us for a bathroom remodel in the Fitchburg area, contact Frey Construction today.