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A SURPRISE Porch and Deck Addition


This project was by far one of the most exciting we’ve ever been a part of. To some, it may look like an uncomplicated screen porch. Not so! And it’s the story behind this project that makes it so special.

We were approached by our Client to build a screen porch and maintenance free deck…as a surprise to her mother!

The timing was crucial, as this addition needed to go perfectly and on schedule while her mother was out of town on vacation. If we hadn’t completed in time, the surprise might have been far short of the pleasant scenario the family had been hoping for…

Our designers and remodeling team met the challenge. They made sure everything was in order before construction began and remained so all the way through the final touches. And it turned out wonderfully. This project is one that solidifies why we do what we do. Our Clients become our family, and we treat them as our family. Being a part of this surprise was a gift in itself.

“I know my sister reached out to you, to let you know how thrilled our Mother was with her surprise, that you and your team helped pull off, yet I feel compelled to do the same.

Every time I stopped by the guys were nice, professional and hard at work. At night when I would come back to see the day’s progress everything was always so neatly cleaned and swept up.

Back in 2007 when your company did my roof they were fast, efficient and I was very pleased as well, but to be honest, it was a roof so I didn’t think much one way or the other about it. All I am thinking now is when I’ll be able to have your team do some remodeling at my house!!! Words cannot express how much of a joy it was to watch the progress and to see the unveiling to my mother.

We taped our mothers “discovery” and it would be nice to someday share it with you so that you can see the joy your company helped bring into a 94 year old lady’s life.

Be proud of the company you have created and the people you have working for you, Top Notch indeed!!

Please let everyone that worked on the project know how wonderful of a job they did and how much their hard work is appreciated

Thank you!”


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