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Roofing and Siding Replacement | Lodi, WI

ImageWith all of our remodeling projects, we are able do far more than merely improve a home’s appearance or functionality. Think energy efficiency!  This has never been more the case than with our recent Davis roofing and siding project.

Rob Davis has an old farm house that was in need of a facelift.  He wanted to make sure the rehab used materials that would maintain the original appearance of the home, materials that would last a lifetime and improve energy efficiency.

With Rob’s concerns in mind, we knew there was no question when it came to products best suited for the Davis home.  A standing seam metal roof and our Siding Master™ rain screen system were a tailor fit!

We started at the top and began the project by replacing the roof with a single lock standing seam metal roof.  As with all of our standing seam roofing projects, we set up our seamless rollformer onsite and custom cut each piece of metal, ensuring a completely seamless roofing system.  Our standing seam metal roofs are lifetime roofing systems, and we hear again and again just how attractive they are.

Besides adding superior insulation to the new roof, we further improved the home’s energy efficiency by installing 2″ foam on all outer walls. We added our Siding Master™ rain screen before finishing with siding.  The added foam insulation requires the support of Siding Master™ rain screen, a truly superior innovation that tackles the source—the forces that drive water into the building shell—namely wind-driven rain and condensation. And Siding Master™ is guaranteed for 50 years.

That’s a hefty guarantee, and Siding Master™ has earned it!  This rain screen technology sheds most rain and works hard to manage the rest. The process uses steel furring strips with a hollow back construction that creates a ¼” gap between the exterior sheathing and cladding. The gap ensures proper drainage and ample venting, so walls dry quickly. By keeping moisture out of the home’s exterior walls and insulation, this technology works hard to prevent decay in the walls of your home.

Siding Master™ clearly thwarts condensation by allowing moisture to drain and air to circulate, but it does even more! By venting out the warm, moist air, heat gain to the walls is minimized, meaning your home is cooler in the summer. And reducing the temperature of the vinyl siding actually reduces its chances of fading. The efficient exterior walls will be attractive for years to come!

Thank you to Rob Davis for allowing Frey Construction to work on your home.  From start to finish, the project turned out amazing!