Meet Our Interior Design Team!

When Frey Construction first came to be, we specialized entirely in exterior home improvements. As our business grew, so did the number of Clients reaching out for help with all kinds of interior remodeling projects. And as we grew, we developed our interior remodeling division, starting with hiring carpenters that are the very best at […]

Basement Remodel on Lake Wisconsin

  Aaron and Maria Andres have a very lovely home on Lake Wisconsin – one that they’ve carefully remodeled quite a bit over the years. With three growing kids, the place was feeling cramped, and the Andres wanted more room to spread out. They decided it was time to remodel the basement, where there was […]

Your Remodeling Project Down to the Last Penny

Everyone—and we mean everyone—cares deeply about costs when hiring out a home remodel. Whether it’s about value, affordability, or both, you have every right to know where your remodeling dollars are going, right down to the last penny. Transparent pricing gives YOU complete control in separating YOUR must-haves from YOUR want-to-haves. That’s the way it […]